Our Outreach Program

Grace Bible Church is actively involved in outreach efforts, both here in the United States (home missions) and in various places around the globe (foreign missions). The aim of our missionary activity is to proclaim the greatness of the one living and true God  (I Thess. 1:9) and to offer the precious gift of salvation to every man, woman, boy, and girl-the salvation from sin that only Jesus Christ can provide  (Acts 4:12).

The Foundation of our commitment is based on what is often referred to as The Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).

The Focus of our outreach activity is church planting. In foreign missions, there are numerous outreach endeavors in which any local church may participate, including mission hospitals, schools, and orphanages. And while we do participate in some of these endeavors on a limited scale, we have intentionally made the primary focus of our missionary outreach the planting and establishing of new local churches of like belief and practice. We believe that God has ordained the local church to be "the pillar and support of truth"  (I Tim. 3:15) in this age. Therefore, it is through the preaching ministry of the local church that we will be most effective in obeying Jesus' command to make, baptize, and teach disciples. Our hope is that the new local churches that we help to establish will grow to the point where someday they will be able to send out missionaries of their own. In so doing they will continue the process of communicating the good news of salvation to the whole world.

The Field for accomplishing our task is the whole world. We support missionary families that are serving the Lord in various places around the globe (See a full listing of our (See the full listing of our missionaries below). In some areas of the world, where American missionaries are often not welcome, we seek to support national missionaries as they proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to their own countrymen. Though the doors to some countries may be closed politically and religiously, God's work cannot be thwarted.

The Funding for our outreach efforts comes from the generous giving of the faithful members A great deal of money is required to "make missions happen."   At Grace Bible Church, we like to say that "What God orders, He pays for!"  Since He has directed us as a local church body to be actively engaged in outreach activities, He has provided the material blessings for us to follow through in this area. In order to "put our money where our mouth is" in regards to our commitment to missions, we devote over 10% of our annual budget to mission efforts. By God's grace we will continue to keep that commitment "even to the end of the age."


 Our World Missions Family

Cheryl Daily and children with U.F.M. International in France

Alan and Deanna Heathcote with Biblical Ministries Worldwide in South Africa

Al and Sallie Turoczi with Transworld Radio in New Holland, PA

Steve and Martha Spacek with Help Ministries

Mission Organizations

Gospel Recordings, Los Angeles, CA

Radio Bible Class, Grand Rapids, MI.

The Friends of Israel, Bellmawr, NJ.

The Gideons International 




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