Grace Bible Church is a small, non-denominational fellowship of believers located in the quaint community of Phoenixville in Chester County, Pennsylvania. We are a.k.a. "The small church with a BIG heart."

Our aim at GBC is on teaching/preaching the pure, infallible word of God, along with Christ-centered worship that emphasizes the holiness of our eternal Father in heaven. Above all else, we are a Bible-centered ministry. Since we believe the Word of God is used by the Spirit of God to change lives and produce disciples, the Bible is the centerpiece of our ministry.

Our pastor and teachers are committed to accurately interpreting, passionately preaching, and specifically applying the Word of God from a dispensational perspective. This commitment can be seen not only in our pulpit but also from our Adult Bible Fellowships all the way down to our Children's Sunday School Classes. Our worship music is comprised mainly of traditional songs and hymns that glorify the Lord.

GBC has ministries for youth and adults, and there are multiple opportunities where your gifts and talents can be used to help further the gospel of Jesus Christ.





Grace Bible Church
777 Starr Street
Phoenixville, PA 19460-3611     610-933-1333

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